Memaila for Gmail

View your Gmail emails and respond to messages through Memaila.

All your inbox messages in one place.

Receive and answer all your regular Gmail emails with Memaila.

How it works

Memaila helps you connect to your existing Gmail account so you can handle all your incoming emails from a single platform. Use Memaila to receive and send emails from your personal or shared Gmail inboxes.

How to connect Gmail to Memaila


Log in to your Memaila account and go to Settings to add a new email setting. 


Select Use existing email account.


Enter your Gmail address.

How to connect Gmail to Memaila | Step 03

If you want Memaila to access messages from a specific folder instead of your entire Gmail inbox, enter the folder name under Advanced settings.
To send a reply using any email alias, enter that email address in the Send From input box.

How to connect Gmail to Memaila | Step 04

You will be redirected to log in to Google for authentication. Click Allow to give Memaila access to your Gmail account. 

How to connect Gmail to Memaila | Step 05

Enter the forwarding details to complete the integration.

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