Memaila was created to make team emailing as seamless as possible without
sacrificing the efficiency customer service requires.

How does Memaila help?

By giving each team member the convenience and flexibility to respond to customer support issues from their individual email address and from any devices, organizations of all shapes and sizes can be instantly empowered with a faster, and far more efficient, customer response rate.

And the best part is that this process is just as easy as responding to any other type of email.


Link your SellerCloud account and Memaila to attach customer info with messages.


Link your Slack and Memaila teams to build the ultimate productivity powerhouse.


Memaila connects with your Amazon seller account and lets you know when you have new inbox messages.


Memaila connects with your eBay seller account and lets you know when you have new inbox messages.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Memaila different than just setting up the email address on each team members email app?

  • If a group of team members each setup the mailbox of a certain email in their phone’s inbox client it will only help them all receive a new inbound email but the thread then gets lost to the other members of the group once somebody replies to the email. With Memaila, the group stays in the email thread and can see where someone else left off. For example, with customer service, one person can respond to the first inquiry but with the old way it then gets isolated to the first responder and if they go offline the conversation gets stuck.
  • Unlike other apps that require you to use their user interface to answer the emails, with Memaila you can handle the email with any device.
  • Time saver: With the traditional way of having each team member instal the email address to their inbox client, pop/imap settings have to be submitted for each team member. With Memaila you enter the pop/imap credentials once and then just enter which email address will be forwarded the emails. It’s that easy.

Can you add multiple forwarding addresses?

Yes, you can add as many forwarding emails as you’d like. To do this, each email address should be separated by a ;

When I respond to an email, does the email address I’m replying from show in the reply or does the team email address show?

That’s the proprietary solution we built. Even though a plethora of forwarding addresses may be replying to the original email in the same thread, the reply will always show as the team email address.

What if i want to limit some of my team members to only receiving certain emails? Is that possible?

Yes. We have a filter tool available in the “Mail Settings” tab that allows you to filter content to specific forwarding email addresses. You can filter either by from email or keywords in the subject line.

How will I know that an email in my inbox is actually from Memaila ? It looks like any other email in my personal inbox.

Actually it doesn’t. What we did to identify the email as a Memaila email is we put an icon in the subject line so every time an email comes in you know that’s a Memaila team email. Once in the email, you can click on the email address and see which Memaila team email is being sent the email

If many members of the team all receive the same emails, how will other team members know if one of the team members already addressed and replied to the email?

With Memaila we make avoiding email collisions a breeze.

  1. When a team member replies all team members receive a copy of that reply so all team members are always aware & up to date with the progress of the thread.
  2. On the bottom of each reply, it says which email address was the one who replied so other team members know who was the one who responded to the email. (this line is only shown to team members but not to the original person sending the email)
  3. Once a team member replies, the thread is automatically closed so to avoid unnecessary and repetitive replying. If the customer needs further assistance and replies then the thread will be reopened automatically as if it was never closed. We told you it’s seamless.

Which ISP’s are supported with Memaila?

We support all major isp’s. All personal domains can also be used by configuring your IMAP settings.

Does Memaila support any integrations?

Yes, currently Memaila has integration support for Amazon sellers and SellerCloud users. These integrations bring even more power to customer support by including the customers contact information as well as recent orders in each Memaila email.


Free Plan

(Recommended for a test drive)

  • Includes 1 Shared Inbox
  • Includes 2 users
  • E-mail support
  • Basic statistics
  • Includes 1 integration



Standard Plan

(Recommend for a small team)

  • Includes 5 Shared Inbox
  • Includes 3 Users
  • E-mail Support
  • Basic Statistics
  • Includes 2 Integrations


+$5 for additional users, max of 10 mailboxes

Enterprise Plan

(Recommend for a big team)

  • Dedicated Server
  • unlimited Shared Inbox
  • unlimited e-mails
  • Phone Support

A Little Bit About Memaila's Roots

Memaila was launched at the SellerCloud User Conference 2019 in response to the need for CRM-like functionality combined with a shared inbox. Whereas a traditional CRM requires all team members to be logged into the CRM system to participate in team emails, Memaila’s revolutionary system allows team members to contribute to team emails from their own email account, from anywhere.

We designed a way to give members of a team the ability to respond to shared team emails from their private email address while the response still shows as being received from the team email address. We also created features such as ‘Thread Control’ and ‘Smart Notifications’ to avoid multiple employees responding to emails that were already responded to, also known as ‘collisions’. At the same time, Memaila brings CRM-like insight into the email you receive, integrating with ERP systems like SellerCloud and the like. These are some of a plethora of other features that makes Memaila the revolutionary new way to manage team emails.

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