Introducing Memaila for Slack

Link your Slack and Memaila teams to build the ultimate productivity powerhouse.

  • Manage Team Inboxes and Messages from Slack
  • Receive and reply to every external email message from Slack
  • Any member from your Slack channel can respond to messages from your Team Inbox

How connect Slack with Mailbox

  • Goto Settings tab in memaila dashboard
  • Click on any mailbox settings to expand it
  • Please find "SLACK INTEGRATION" in "INTEGRATION" column
  • Please click on "Authorize Now" link, it will redirect to Slack for authorization
  • After authorization, you will be redirect back to memaila and you will see a dropdown with Slack channels
  • Please select a channel to connect with Memaila

How Memaila works in Slack

  • Memaila will post the message from your mailbox to your Slack channel.
    This original message shows the thread status and there is a toggle button to close and open the thread.
  • You may send a reply to the message without leaving Slack, please click on start a thread.
  • If the thread was already started in Slack, you can reply and memaila will post new messages in same thread.
  • As soon as memaila processes your reply, it will add reaction as a white check mark to confirm that it was sent.

Please contact us or write us at for help.

About Permissions

Confirm your identity

Every Slack app requires this permission. It is necessary to identify your account.

View email addresses of people on your workspace

An email address is required to create an account in

Sending messages as Memaila

Memaila will post messages to your Slack channel as Memaila.

Add a bot user with the username @memaila

Memaila will not post any message on behalf of other slack users, all messages and activity will be posted by the memaila bot user.

Access your workspace's profile information

Memaila will access the first name and last name of user who adds memaila to Slack, and it creates an account for them in

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