Handle all your Sellercloud communication in Memaila

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Memaila connects with your Sellercloud account and combines customer data with incoming customer service messages making things easier.

How it works

  • Memaila gathers the customer’s message, info, and order details from Sellercloud and forwards it to your team mailbox.
  • Members of your team can then answer back to the clients’ message directly through Memaila.

How to connect Sellercloud with Memaila

  • Select "SellerCloud" from the integration dropdown.
  • Enter SellerCloud Team Name.
  • Enter SellerCloud User Name.
  • Enter SellerCloud Password.
  • To test the integration, enter an email address and click on the "Test Integration" link. It will show the result underneath.
  • Save Mailbox settings.

Please contact us or write us at support@memaila.com for help.

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